July Sale – 25% off Window Treatments – Blinds, Shades, Draperies

Yay!!! What a great way to get energy savings and beauty added to your home or office.  Just send in the form below with your name and email.  We’ll send you a coupon to be used before July 31st. The following treatments are included: wooden or faux wood blinds, solar and fabric roller shades, honeycomb/cellular […]

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Four Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs


Is your home or office overheated this summer?  The temps in the south have gone sky high and as a result, your energy costs may be over the top also. “Some carefully selected window treatments can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.” (energy.gov)   Interior Blinds – When they […]

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Transform Your Home on a Budget

I’ve been accused of having “champagne taste on a beer budget”.  How about you?  All my life I have striven to create beautiful rooms – inside and out.  But yes…..seldom have I had the money to do what I dreamed of.  I feel that part of my purpose in life is to try and bring […]

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Interior Paint Color Consults from Jamie at J. Scott Interiors

color palette benjamin moore

How much time and money can you spend on selecting paint colors, buying the paint, and then getting walls painted? Well…..the answer is……usually a lot and maybe more than you want to. And…..how many times have you been disappointed in the results and maybe had to start over? Ugh……! I can simplify the process for […]

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Love Red, but Afraid of Using It in Your Home?

Red Walls in Dining Room

Red is the strongest and most vibrant, statement-making colors there is.  Perhaps you love it, but don’t know how to use it in your home?  Gather your courage and consider some of these ideas. Scientific studies show that we feel warmer and more energized in rooms with red walls.  This is one reason you see […]

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Paint Colors in the Orange Family


I normally use Benjamin Moore Paints when specifying paint colors for interior design projects.  I love their Affinity Collection of colors, and one of their really great oranges is BUTTERED YAM.  This front door is painted that color! Welcoming family and friends with energy, fun, and happiness! Let’s look at some other ways orange can […]

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Color Psychology – Orange – The Color of Fall and Energy!

Tom Baker Photography

  So grateful to live in the mountains of NC where the fall color is always so amazing.  And why does it make us feel so good to look at these changing colors? Probably because most of what we are seeing is in the orange family.  With orange we get a combination of the energy […]

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Color Psychology


 A box of crayons…..These make me feel good all over.  As a kid, I loved getting a new box of crayons and a new coloring book.  As an adult, when I pass these lined up on the shelves in a store, I have to make myself keep walking!  I don’t need any crayons! LOL! But […]

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A Simple Way to Choose Between a Print or a Solid Fabric for Draperies

from Southern Living Magazine

Can’t make up your mind about what to put on your windows? There is one simple question to ask that will provide an answer in most cases…..Now you know it won’t in all cases….but it’s a good place to start.  And the question is: Do you have a nice view through your window?  If you […]

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sue monk kidd

Several years ago, I pulled a book off the shelf at Barnes and Noble, briefly flipped through it, stopped at a random page and started reading.  After just a few sentences, I was weeping – I mean the tears were flowing – this was no small display of emotion.  I quickly closed the book and […]

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