Tuscany Comes to the Mountains

The painting of a Tuscan hillside rich with deep reds, inspiring greens, seductive plums, and luscious browns that capture the essence and charm of a recent trip to Italy was the inspiration for the design choices made in this home. The client’s desire was that the home be casually elegant – a place where friends could gather and relax – be in the moment – but also be enveloped with a sense of grandeur – to be nurtured by beautiful things. “Casual” was achieved with the use of big, plush furniture that invites folks to sit for a good, cozy conversation. “Elegance” was achieved by the use of mirrors, voluminous trims and lots of silky drapery fabric – some even puddling in the floor. This is a home where feelings and friendships run deep – just as the hues convey a richness in every room.

It’s almost like going to another country as family and guests are invited into the ambience of fond memories and magical moments found in a far away land.

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